Terms & Conditions

  • This book is the property of the Osoul Center. Permission is granted for it to be stored, transmitted, and published in any print, electronic, or other format   ̶  as long as the Osoul Center is clearly mentioned on all editions, no changes are made without the express permission of the Osoul Center, and a high level of quality is maintained.
  • The book may only be used for personal, noncommercial or informational purposes.
  • The book may not be modified.
  • No profit may be obtained from printing this book. 
  • The following copyright notice and permission notice must appear in each book © Copyright 2020 Osoul Store. All rights reserved.
  • Send a summary report to Osoul Center regarding the number of printed book copies, the locations of their distribution and include photographs of distribution if possible. 
  • Printing Specifications and Guidelines:
  1. The book must be printed according to the original color design
  2. Choose matte white crochet paper for printing.
  3. Cover paper should weigh 250 grams.
  4. Content pages should weigh 80 to 90 grams.
  5. If the book contains 6 paper bindings or less, then secure with three staples.
  6. If the book contains of 7-15 bindings, the staples should begin from the side with the high-quality thermal glue.
  7. If the book contains more than 15 bindings, the binding should be stitched or perforated with high-quality thermal glue.
  8. Print the book using the original size and dimensions.