The Return of Jesus

Similarities and differences about the second coming of Jesus between Christians and Muslims. The Messiah at the end of times according to Judaism. The prophecies and portents in Islam of the descent of Jesus in the Quran and the prophetic narrations. The context of Jesus’ second coming, the trials and tribulations before it, the rise of the Mahdi and the advent of Maseeh ad-Dajjal (the False Messiah), and Jesus’ role killing him. After the False Messiah; the annulment of the false religions of the people of the book, the establishment of God’s nation under Jesus, and the invasion of the Gog and Magog. The end of Gog and Magog, followed by peace and plenty, a world without war, the universality of God’s True Religion, and the death of Jesus.



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Ang Pagbabalik ni Hesukristo sa Lupa

Ang lathalaing ito ay tumatalakay tungkol sa pagbabalik ni Hesukristo dito sa lupa batay sa mga salaysay ng Banal na Qur’an at mapananaligang Hadith ng Propeta Muhammad. Datapuwa’t siya ay hindi maghuhukom ng makabagong batas, bagkus siya ay maghuhukom sa pagitan ng mga tao sa pamamagitan ng batas ng Islam.